Redesign Story: Washington College

Strategic Recommendations

March 08, 2012

Where do we start?

Following their visit in February, the White Whale team returned to their respective corners of the United States and started thinking about Washington College. They got back to us quickly with recommendations to help us start thinking about the site, especially in terms of the content we will feature moving forward. We want to share the individual stories of WC, and not just through words. By encouraging people to tell their stories in their own voices, and to share pictures and videos of what they are up to, we can create a mosaic of the Washington College experience that rings true and that creates an emotional connection with prospective students, alumni, parents and friends.

One thing we’ve learned from this process is something we’ve known all along: Our Washington College community is full of fascinating people with diverse interests and plenty of passion. Your unique stories will give the WC web site an authentic voice.

Sharing your story is one way to do it. What you’re doing is Washington College. Faculty research, student stories, alumni outcomes—everything is relevant. We want to show the world what Washington College is and what it does for those who love it. You can share your story through this site or email a team member to chat.

We also realize that many of you out there are already making waves on the web. Bloggers, Tweeters, Flickrers (is that a term?)—we’re looking for energy sources like you to be a part of this project! Let us know what you’re up to on the web, even if it isn’t completely related to WC. We’re interested.