Redesign Story: Washington College

Content on My Mind

July 03, 2012

This blog has been fairly quiet since the White Whale visit in May, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on the transition to our new web site.

The Whales have been doing a ton of work building actual web sites out of the mock ups they showed us earlier in the year. We’re currently in this awkward transition between the concept of a new web site and actually seeing it in action—and we’re very excited!

Although we would be lying if we said we weren’t a little bit nervous too. Personally, I’m a perpetual list maker, and I probably have three “to do” lists going right now. College Relations wants this transition to go smoothly, and we definitely don’t plan to rush anything.

Over the summer, we are meeting with various administrative offices to discuss the upcoming changes. We’re mostly asking each office to consider what content is important to them, what should be polished, and what can be thrown out. Jason of White Whale has compared this migration to moving; when you move into another house, you don’t empty the contents of your junk drawer into the new house’s junk drawer. You get rid of things. You sort things and find them homes. We are moving from a cluttered house to something designed for HGTV’s Dream Home, and we want folks to bring the content that suits this new home.