Redesign Story: Washington College

White Whale Workshops: Recap

May 23, 2012

During their visit, White Whale talked about thinking of content in terms of how the audience sees it. They are really the WHY behind what we do.


Below are Tonya’s presentations from Web Content: The Basics and Advanced Content Strategies. These slideshows outline the concepts and include examples from other institutions to give you an idea of what kind of content wins on the web. Be sure to view them in conjunction with the handouts on information architecture. The IA is an important framework that anticipates how the audience will look for content.

Web Content: The Basics (PDF)

Content Strategies (PDF)

Inventory/Evaluation Sheet (XLSX)

This summer gives us all an opportunity to inventory (click through our site), evaluate (what are we doing right and what needs improvement?), and plan (what are our goals and desired outcomes for our audiences?). That way, when we implement the new site this fall, we have a great start on something that will keep growing.


Janie’s presentation on digital photography and video was full of useful tips and tricks. With just a few tweaks, digital photos can look much better on the screen. The bonus slides provide some context, describing how LiveWhale will allow us to share photos among our communities, boosting content across the site.

Brightness (PDF)

Bonus Slides (PDF)

In Conclusion

We hope that you’re as eager as we are to jump in to this new web community! We look forward to creating content together that we can share across departments and use to speak to our audiences.

My favorite quote from the Whales’ visit, and something we should always keep in mind as we work on our website and its content:

it’s a garden, not a painting.

The work is never really done because we are always doing something new and interesting that is worth sharing with the world.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think! Share your feedback, or contact members of the project team with questions, comments or concerns.