Redesign Story: Washington College

Training Next Week

September 20, 2012

There are a lot of options at next week’s trainings. We hope you can come out to one or more of the training sessions, but training does not end here! The CR&M staff will offer support and training after the Whales swim away.

(I’m sorry, folks. The Whale jokes will get old eventually. Maybe.)

We are offering three training sessions at various times next Tuesday and Wednesday. A full schedule is available a few posts ago or by clicking here.

Background Info

Hands-On CMS Training will provide you with the basics of using LiveWhale CMS. It’s a great opportunity to log in and learn how to manipulate your content while the creators of the CMS are on site to show you the ropes and answer your questions. If you’re planning to attend this training, please request a user log in ahead of time by submitting a ticket. We also recommend bringing a laptop if you have one available. This session is also great if you just want to see the CMS in action.

Brightness is a session with White Whale designer Janie. She will give you some tips to make your pictures look amazing—even with a point-and-shoot. That’s right! You don’t need an expensive DSLR to create awesome photo content for the web. Brightness will mostly focus on multimedia content, which is prominently featured in our new design.

Web Content: The Basics will help stimulate ideas for the written portion of your site. Tonya will talk strategy and process. So many areas of our site already have great content, but now there are different methods to make that content available to our audiences. If you have questions or concerns about your content, The Basics is for you! This session was also available in May, so you can review slides from that session here.


There are no prerequisites for any of the training sessions next week and no need to register for sessions. Please contact us about creating users for your department or office if you have not already. Each user will receive an email within the next few days.

We look forward to introducing you to LiveWhale CMS and the new web site!