Redesign Story: Washington College

Inside the new WC site.

April 19, 2012

What will we see?

White Whale has presented us with some early mock-ups of inside pages, and we will roll them out on the blog as soon as we go through some tweaks. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with our audience some of the things we can expect from the department sites based on what we saw of the initial sketches.

Navigation will become more consistent across the board. As we migrate content this summer, we’ll be making sure we have common labels on all department sites for things like internships and student research. Special programs unique to a department will have a special spotlight on the page so we can keep navigation buttons to a minimum. Recent headlines pulled from the news bureau will have a place on many of the pages. What does this mean? Basically, all audiences will have an easier time moving through the site. Consistency will be really helpful to prospective students and to those of us who regularly navigate the website as well.

Stories aren’t just for the main page, either. We will be able to feature many individual stories to show all the different experiences available at Washington College. Consider submitting your story today and it may turn up in later mock-ups.

I’m not going to reveal all the details here just yet. Believe me, a picture is worth more words than I could ever write for this blog!