Redesign Story: Washington College

Thank You

March 27, 2012

A big thanks to everyone from the Washington College community who came out to the presentation yesterday.

Thank you Emily Aiken, Diane Landskroener, Sarah Snyder, George Spilich, Brittany Weaver, Jim Allison, Dale Daigle, Aundra Weissert, Shane Brill, Eric Broussard, Brian Palmer, Donald McColl, Meredith Hadaway, Jin Xio Guo, Meghan Cooney, John Beck, Judie Barroll, Carolyn Thompson, Stephen Cades, Jonnie Jenkins, Dale Trusheim, Chris Landskroener, Kate Goldberg, Briggs Cunningham, Drew Thiemann, Kay MacIntosh, Marcia Landskroener, JoAnn Fairchild, Alan Chesney, Michael Buckley, Shirley Loller, Tim Fields, Ruth Shoge, Laura Wilks-Simms, and Rebekah Hardy. (Sorry if we missed anyone!)

Stay tuned! We will be posting video and summary from the reveal of the preliminary homepage design later today.